Customer Module

The module offers personalised address modules, batch tracking system which seamlessly integrates tracking from other Postal operators. There are alert mechanisms for non-confirmed shipment delivery etc. either by e-mail, by SMS or in an exception report called HotSpots. See the description of the value added track and trace that we also give in this module. The shipment menus have intelligence built-in: they are configured to show only the Postal products available for the selected destination country. Similarly the customs declaration is visible for completion only if it s required for the chosen destination.

Module for Large Postal Customers

This WorkTrace module allows large customers of the Post to prepare mail shipments and print CP72 and other required posting documentation. The system can generate bar-codes or it can utilise pre-printed ones. Very large customers of the Post can be given access to their own WorkTrace system, customised to the look and feel of their organisation with their own logo. Smaller companies would register as clients of the local Postal operator.
The forms can be completed in sections: you can fill in the addresses and complete the Postal product information later. You are shown the parts you must complete in the appropriate linked order. As with all WorkTrace forms, these are multi-lingual and customisable for local needs.

Value added services for Mailers

WorkTrace can be used to establish trading communities, linking large mailers to Postal operators. This works by the WorkTrace system picking up consignment data-files from the mailer, the data is automatically loaded into WorkTrace and routed appropriately to the Postal operators involved. The mailer gains visibility on the movement of mail-items and also related payments at destination for the goods. Only a web browser is needed for authorised users to view the information in user-friendly reports. A demo is given in the link below. Mailers Link