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Introduction to Returns Management An overview of the Returns management functionality
Creating a returns shipment Discover how you make a shipment entry for a returns parcel
Preparing returns shipment labels Discover how you prepare shipment labels for returns
Preparing returns bar-codes Discover how we generate barcodes for returns
Track and Trace of return items Track and Trace for returns items
Functional Overview of Slovak Consignment IT Services This presentation covers the way Slovak Post is using Worktrace for its consigment service to large mailers. The major functions are included and allow users to see mailer volumes, mail service performance and batch track and trace. The large mail voluems exchange via the service and the impressive customer list are evidence of its success.
Business overview of Slovak Consignment IT Services This presentation highlights the unique concept of the Slovak Post consignment service for large mailers which combines low postal prices with high value-added.
Track & Trace DemoThis demo shows how you can use the system to do enhanced batch track and trace on mail of an specific mailer.
Shipping Support This demo shows how to get a list of all consigments for a specific mailer and then all related details of individual consigments down to information on individual parcels and the articles within them.
Shipping Demo This also shows how to use the system for customer support as above but you can search for the mailer's customer with only partial contact information.