Quality Management
High quality of logistics is a result of hard, daily and detailed work on management of service quality. Several factors make this management a daunting task. There are so many products (national, international, priority, express..) each with it's own performance targets, geography etc. Each mail item goes through so many different steps (posting, sorting, transport, customs, delivery). Mail volumes are  fluctuating, the time for operations is limited, client demands are ever higher. The only way to stay on top of this task is with a good quality control technology.

You must be able to see quality on various levels :
  • International
  • National
  • Detailed view for a region
  • Detailed views per day
  • What is on time what is over time?
  • Movements of up to individual items
  • Fine analyses
User friendly maps show mail quality performance. The colour of the icons on the map indicate performance. A green indicates performance in the top band, yellow in an intermediate band and red in the lowest band. You sent the levels for each of these bands.
Details for a destination
Now that you know the global quality performance for a destination, you need to see the details. Well with WorkTrace it is as simple as clicking on the point on the map and you can analyse the data with an overview of each day in the time period concerned. The left hand side shows volumes and the right hand side graph shows quality versus target with each line representing a day. Clicking on any line will give you the details of the mail for that day, allowing you to analyse quality issues from top-downwards.