News April 2010

Visibility comes to mailing

WorkTrace for volume mailers

WorkTrace Mailers module enables postal customers to provide their Postal operator with pre-advise. Key information services that give delivery and payment transparency to Mailers and posts (origin and destination) are then made available through WorkTrace. This information business grew out of close energetic co-operation between Slovak Post, Ukrposhta and WorkTrace, where all parties exchanged ideas, assisted each other and contributed.

These services are already used quite extensively in Ukrposhta , Slovak Post for payments services, client trouble-shooting and support in operations. The solution is an example of how WorkTrace can support trading communities giving each party visibility in terms of physical item tracking and in terms of other crucial information such as payment flows. The integration is achieved taking data from mailers in whatever format they can provide it

Added value Track and Trace for mailers


Track and Trace Detail screen for contents of a parcel