The first question any logistics manager wants to have answered is what is the volumes of main incoming and when, do I have sufficient machine and man-power to processit? Is the VAN capacity sufficient to collect all mail from the aircraft?
WorkTrace is a powerful tool to make life of a logistics manager easier. You can obtain a view volumes of work well before they arrive, and in an increasing level of detail. It does not make difference whether you work with postal receptacle, dispatches, or transport. You can see volumes on several levels: Over a certain period All details for a day What is included in what Fine analyses Over a certain period
User friendly graphs show mail volumes on a daily basis, each yellow column representing a day.
Details for a day
Now that you know the global volumes coming today, you need to see the daily details, well with WorkTrace it is as simple as clicking on a bar-chart of the day and here volumes come!
What is included in What
You can actually see every receptacle included in every despatch and every Item included in every receptacle, just click on the plus sign!
Fine Analysis
You can refine you analyses by specifying week days you need to review, days with high or low volumes etc. etc.