Import export Information

Import/Export Information Interfaces Whether the interfacing is intra or inter organisational, to Postal operators, carriers, customs authorities or customers, WorkTrace offering is robust and performant. Interfaces can be supplied to:
  • postal in-house systems via flat-file, EDIFACT messages, XML messages.
  • into the GXS network for exchange of standard postal messages via FTP,  via the Internet.
  • to transporters
  • to customs authorities
  • to private operators such as FedEx, UPS, DHL as well as imports information from a variety of other sources
  • to clients.
Customisation for proprietary and non-standard data formats is offered.

Exchange information
At the Office of Exchange a number of electronic messages are exchanged with trading partners. The messages inform about dispatches on their way or dispatches received at destination. For instance dispatch tracking message (PRESDES) is exchanged with postal operators and pre-advise destination Exchange Offices about mail on the way to them. RESDES informs the originating Office of Exchange about arrival of mail receptacles at destination Exchange Offices. Item tracking messages can also be generated (EMSEVT) at the Exchange office. Other messages can be needed for links to large customers. At mail units, consignment level messages (PRECON, RESCON, CARDIT and RESDIT) are relevant. Operators such as FedEx and UPS also import and export information to their trading partners.
WorkTrace can generate these messages for you, all automatically and can also generate or import data from private operators such as FedEx. The information exchange is triggered by operational events all behind the scenes. On dispatch close the PREDES message is sent as a background process.
Arrival of mail receptacles is entered by operations staff into the WorkTrace system by scanning. WorkTrace processes this information, creating RESDES messages and sending them to authorized Posts.