Data Capture

All logistics operators mention data capture as a major difficulty. Hence this is a major area for logistics organisations to differentiate themsleves. If anything else this area is becoming more complex rather then more simple. Today the most common technologies are:
  • Scanners
  • Computer terminals
  • Paper forms
WorkTrace has a new mobile solution allowing capture of bar-code and signature, location, date and all with a standard smart phone (Android OS) equipped with a standard camera.
Other technologies for data capture include: Smart Cards, RFID, Mobile scanners, Wireless scanners, Internet.
Coming together with ever increasing range of information to be captured and an ever increasing range of devices to be used ie: telephones, PDA’s GPS and others the task is even more challenging today than in the past.
WorkTrace allows capture of logistics events data (item final delivery, item entered into receptacle, …etc). A range of mechanisms are possible: capture with only a web browser, or using wireless technology and a pda, with a scanner or via a keyboard or with a standard smart phone.
A standard set of logistics events can be supplemented by any number of customized events that are needed for your organization.
Automated Events WorkTrace is intelligent and saves you work. How? It can be configured to automatically generate events where logic permits this. This avoids additional data entry and assists smoother streamlined operations. For example: WorkTrace event data for an aggregate level (e.g. a mail receptacle) may be sufficient to create a required mail item event (item departure from outward office of exchange).
Data from other systems If another systems tracks logistics events through your own physical network, all of WorkTrace’s powerful toolset can still be used. This is done by data import of information from the existing system (see the description under the heading import/export information).