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Mail tracking & management solution for bulk mailers!

Integrated Solution for parcel/mail tracking Our web-based solution for management of mail consignments offers major improvements across the whole logistics chain. The benefits are streamlined process for volume mailers with systems which cut costs, improve cash-flow, improve quality and provide upstream and downstream visibility of mail and yet are very easy to use. The WorkTrace platform is the basis of this world class service. It is a solid, reliable and proven solution, involving no major capital expenditure on licenses or equipment for either the Postal operator or mailers. Slovak Post Success Ján Bojnanský , Director of International Post for The Post of Slovakia, notes "We have taken an innovative approach to developing and strengthening our market with large mailers. This is to differentiate mail services by ever higher and more creative value added information services. The result is information services that are more commonly associated with the Express service of private operators. The WorkTrace platform is the enabler and their services have allowed us to link trading parties around Europe from mailer, postal operators to banks in one seamless system". With only a web-browser, clients can receive: -The mail volumes exchanged with the Postal operator, -The on-time delivery performance, -Cash on delivery status, -Claims management and much more. Benefits Transparency of logistics Control of quality of logistics Visibility of COD payments Improved logistics operations Improved customer service Adavanced planning of operations Streamlining of logistics COD payment visibility Track & Trace related services The system is extremely flexibleTrack & trace can be integrated seamlessly into your own Web pages assuming your own look and feel. You can include extra scanning points from your own operations into track and trace such as fulfillment date and also provide your clients with any level of detail concerning shipments as you need. You can have mailer shipments pre-advised by e*Mails or SMS, send e*Mail or SMS alerts at many points along the track and trace chain. Below is an example of the track and trace. Discover solutions that Work! Special Offer You can try WorkTrace solution for free to assess its suitability to your situation. We will provide help and support to get you operational for the trial. Contact us about your needs. Advantages Speed: live operation in days No capital expenditure Easy integration: plug and play Scalability:system grows flexibly No license:purchase-pay as you go Low risk: Try then decide We will be happy to discuss your specific requirements and can provide a live demo or no-strings attached free trial period.