Technology Overview

WorkTrace is a business rules driven technology. WorkTrace implemented generic logistics objects such as Events, Items, Shipments etc. which are bound by business rules to model its clients’ logistics operations. It is comprehensive and at the same time very modular. It can provide a client with complete Logistics management system or combine WorkTrace functionality with clients existing building blocks. It exposes its functions and integrates with legacy systems via Web Services, HTTP, or messaging EDI, XML, Flat Files, PDF. Messaging is supported by WorkTrace smart router. The bottom line is a powerful logistics management technology requiring no or little programming to implement customized logistics management systems.

Worktrace is based on Internet-based technology: only a browser is needed on client workstations which removes headaches of client installation and maintenance. It is modular, flexible and state-of-the-art using Java, XML, XSL-T, Oracle. Also it is very much J2EE compliant. It is built on three tier model. A very light front end, (limited usage of JavaScript to give better interactivity and integrate particular peripherals if needed). Business logic is on a server, written in Java and operating a Web Server. Business logic is cluster enabled. Data base is on a server. The Business logic and database talk via J2EE compliant connectors which signify that business logic can be separated from database physically. From the hardware point of view it requires a single server (unless for performance purpose the user wants to use multiple servers). On the client level, WorkTrace requires only a Browser. No installation is required. Our web-based solutions and multitiered architecture are thus partitioned into distinct functional units (Client, Presenation, Business-logic, Integration) in order to ensure clean division of responsibilities and to make the system more maintainable and extensible.