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WorkTrace Connector for Salesforce

Press Release August 2012
WorkTrace, a leading provider of Logistics Management SaaS (Software As A Service) /cloud solutions for Postal and Logistics operators, announced that it has developed a connector for the Salesforce platform. The native application allows Salesforce users to prepare shipments, postal/documentation and shipment posting labels, using Salesforce address and order data. The shipment data is sent electronically to the appropriate Postal operator as pre-advice. The app is scheduled for release in November 2012.

The Salesforce-WorkTrace integration means added-value logistics such as supply-chain visibility, batch tracking, alerts on delivery delays and much more, are now available from within Salesforce.

The solution makes it easy for businesses to send mail shipments and to follow-through on their successful completion. Easy-to-use data-entry screens give greater efficiency and reduces error. Follow-up of a shipment is made easy with logistics intelligence such as automated alerts on missed delivery targets. Users can gain significant operational efficiencies by using this application with much faster time-to-ship and radically improved shipment tracking. For Postal/Logistics operators one obvious benefit is that it makes it easier for customers to do business with you and that can only be good news.

Opening of e-logistics to customers is easy in this way as the service is pure web-based and requires no development or up-front investment by the Postal operator. Postal Operators also benefit from operational efficiencies from electronic pre-advice.

Salesforce is the trusted leader in cloud Client Relationship Management (CRM) solutions which are solutions for managing the relationship you have with your customers. Salesforce has over 3million success stories and is the world's most proven CRM platform. Like WorkTrace, Salesforce is a pure cloud-based platform: it is delivered over the Internet and you only pay to use the software, not for a license. This means you can cut costs dramatically.

CRM solutions help ensure that your sales, marketing, and support  are all working toward a common goal, allowing you to take your business success to a whole new level. Streamline and automate business processes, give everyone in your company a complete view of the customer, provide deeper analysis and insight into critical sales and customer metrics, and keep everyone focused on getting new customers while keeping the ones you already have happy. is the cloud platform for customised developments in Salesforce.


WorkTrace is a well-established as a provider of pure web-based solutions for International Mail management and postal EDI messaging. It is a logistics management and control system which can link mutliple parties across the logistics chain. The WorkTrace cloud business model (sofware as service) offers openness, flexibility and gives valuable advantages: speedy set-up, no heavy initial investment,scalabilty and modularity (you only pay for what you need).

How the Connector Works

Create your Opportunity using standard Salesforce

Create a Shipment from your Opportunity.  Print the label
The label will be attached to the Shipment in Salesforce

The label can be printed and physically attached to the Shipment