Slovak Post

Slovak Post have been utilising WorkTrace as their International Mail system since 2004 when WorkTrace was selected via an international tender. The system is installed locally in Bratislava Office of Exchange and is integrated with local IT and legacy tracking systems of the Slovak Post. A part of the finance for the system came from the UPU Quality of Service fund. The WorkTrace system use in Slovak Post also includes REIMS international accountancy and has since expanded to encompass claims handling/reclamations which Slovak Post pioneered. A particularly innovative WorkTrace service has developed in partnership with Slovak Post for management of customer consignments. This allows large mailers to send pre-advise to the Slovak Post and to achieve visibilty on the handling of their mail at destination in terms of tracking the mail items and their related COD payments. Via WorkTrace Slovak Post issue and recieve tracking messages for an array of mail products: EPG, Parcels, EMS and PRIME as well as despatch level tracking (PREDES, RESDES). Newsletter with news about Slovak Post selecting WorkTrace.