REIMS International Accounting

WorkTrace REIMS & International Mail Accounting system These features, which will help you not only to adapt to the ever changing and challenging postal marketplace, but also to raise your revenues and spare considerable costs in operations:

WorkTrace REIMS Module allows the operation of continuous REIMS sampling. It allows the generation of proper receptacle labels as well as the monthly and quarterly accountancy documents in support of sampling. The module is easy to use and based on six sub modules. Thanks to its viewing facilities it allows to view, analyze and update the samples according to a rich set of selection criteria. WorkTrace Fully Automated International Accountancy Module allows fully automated generation of the monthly and quarterly accountancy documents in support of letter mail and parcels flows. The module is based on three sub modules.

Important! Activating these functions, does not require new operations, in fact they are resulting from the operations of receptacle acceptance and dispatch preparation These facilities leverage data which are captured at scanning of inbound and outbound mail receptacles. Hence, for getting accurate results just a simple recording of data is needed while scanning incoming flows of receptacles and items or while preparing outgoing receptacles with WorkTrace’s scanning and despatch management modules, which are at your disposal and used already daily by your company (since CAPERS). Modules allow also easy manual recording of data in case no automatic module is used or automatic entry needs adjustments or corrections (e.g. discrepancies in pre-advises, labels and actual shipments).

WorkTrace modules will considerably raise the quality of your operations, simplify them and lower their costs, too.