Quality of Service

High quality delivery performance of mail is assured by daily and detailed work of quality management . Several factors make this management a daunting task. There are so many mail-products (national, international, priority, express), each with it's own performance targets, geography etc.
Each mail item goes through so many different processing steps posting, sorting, transport, customs, delivery and with multiple possibly independent parties. Volumes can very high but fluctuating, the time-window for operations handling may be limited, plus client demands are ever higher. The only way to stay on top of this task is via good quality control technology. This is what WorkTrace offers.
You must be able to see quality :
  • International
  • National
  • Detailed view for a region
  • Detailed views per day
  • What is on time what is over time?
  • Movements of up to individual items
  • Have detailed information for analyses