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Postal Overview

WorkTrace is a complete information system for both international and domestic mail management. It covers requirements for postal products (EPG, Prime, EMS, Parcels and letters) and communications with Postal administrations. However it is also a gateway to link with other operators such as Fedex, DHL, UPS etc. a necessity in the changing postal world. It covers international mail but can be extended to cover local needs for domestic mail consignments.

Flexible data capture

It is designed for flexibility. The WorkTrace screens for event capture are customisable so you can collect additional data beyond standard events. You can adapt screens to suit your needs and it is of course completely multi-lingual. In reality Worktrace is a generic SCEM (supply chain event management) technology. You can add domestic tracking events and specific data capture functions for your own local needs.

Easy Integration

Another key aspect of WorkTrace design is based on integration with other systems or organisations. It is easy to export data received into the system in a wide range of formats. Current choices include EDI, XML, excel, flat-file, DBF. WorkTrace integration capability make integration with your own internal systems a matter of configuration rather than development.The module for international mail is fully integrated with WorkTrace modules for REIMS/International accounting and for claims management.

Claims Handling

WorkTrace has many other functions as well as mail management and EDI gateway. There is a claims management modules, one for linking to large or small postal customers and an accounting module. These can be added on seamlessly to the international mail module whenever required.

Operational flexibility

The system can be operated in a variety of ways. It can be hosted by WorkTrace so hardware investment can be zero or it can be installed and run on a local server. You can be operational with WorkTrace in extremely short time-scales with low initial investment. A support service is offered to ensure smooth operation and high availability of the system.

WorkTrace solutions

WorkTrace solutions include: