More About Us

Worktrace is a powerful platform providing a comprehensive logistics management system based on proven Internet technology. An extremely comprehensive international mail system, WorkTrace provides for international mail handling for all mail products (letters, parcels, EMS, EPG, PRIME etc.).including bar-coding and document printing. Through WorkTrace, mail item or mail receptacle movements through the complete logistics chain are captured and utilised for:
  • pre-advise and pre-planning functions for downstream locations
  • confirmation of receipt to upstream locations
  • quality control of each segment of the logistics chain
  • information routing to all interested parties (even large mailers)
  • integration with back-office systems
  • alerting operators to potential service failures
  • international accounting managing customer claims.
On business level, WorkTrace goes far beyond the basics of an International mail system. It interprets data intelligently and flexibly with user-friendly web tools for pre-planning, quality of service and Track and Trace. WorkTrace provides extra services such as sending SMS, or E*Mail to inform both clients and operators on issues or significant events such a deviations or arrivals of shipments. WorkTrace uses the “Alert” paradigm, which allows operators to focus on significant issues and not get drowned in trivia. WorkTrace links seamlessly all actors in the logistics chain, such as Clients, Customs, Postal operators etc.
Without exaggeration we can say that WorkTrace provides capabilities equal or superior to those used by leaders in Logistics Industries such as FedEX or UPS. WorkTrace technology matches it’s functionality. WorkTrace is robust, modern and simple to operate.
Communications are provided through the WorkTrace EDI Gateway which enables data exchange to the international value added networks such as GXS. Only a browser is needed on client workstations which removes headaches of client installation, client upgrades and synchronisation between local and central systems. It is modular, flexible and state-of-the-art using Linux, Java, XML, XSL-T, Oracle.
In another perspective, WorkTrace can be seen as an integration tool. It has harnessed the flexibility and robust interfacing capabilities of new technologies (XML and XSL-T) to make integration a straight-forward subject. WorkTrace Integration suite allows easy integration to legacy, back office systems, other operational systems
WorkTrace allows for Tracing of any kind of items provided they are bar-coded or identified by other means such a RFID. WorkTrace is based on scalable solid technologies such as Linux enterprise, Oracle, jboss. The architecture of the WorkTrace proprietary software is cluster enabled, as a result WorkTrace can handle any volumes of transactions.
WorkTrace is holistic logistic and clients support system. Besides providing  trace and track functionality, WorkTrace provides rich functionality that allows you to streamline operations and client service such as volumes planning, quality monitoring, Alerts on key events or deviations, accountancy, REIMS, document generation, sharing of work, as well as possibility to organize data capture work between several locations.
WorkTrace covers all major  links in the logistics chain, you do not need to change your system as you add a new partner in you chain, you simply activate a new module.