Worktrace has been used in Maltapost since 2001. A hosted solution allows mail in and out of MaltaPost to be tracked internationally through a web browser. WorkTrace xml-integration interface seamlessly integrates local tracking systems in Malta.

Pierre Montebello is the Information Technology manager for Maltapost plc. He comments on the decision to select Worktrace for mails management in Malta in our newsletter: “This decision is in fact based on several criteria ranging from functionality, technology, system robustness, maintenance, initial investment and running costs, as well as the overall (future) direction set by the suppliers for their products. The latter issue was given added weight in comparison to the shift in the company’s overall business direction”.
Pierre adds that “The aims of the supplier (Worktrace) are in line with what Maltapost intends to achieve. Such include the integration of WorkTrace with systems used by various Customs and Excise departments, integration with systems of competitors amalgamating the overall process, in-depth quality reporting, client interfacing with the use of WAP, SMS and email, integration with partners in the logistics chain. Also in the pipeline is the automated calculation of terminal dues. The system is very easy to use by employees in sections such as quality assurance and by other management. Reporting is very strong, clear and easy to decipher by non-technical people.”
Scanning being done in MaltaPost
for WorkTrace tracking
More scanning in MaltaWorktrace Users Forum held in Malta