International Mail System

WorkTrace is a unique tool to support logistics products both national and international. Features that make it unique are

  • Data capture anywhere, immediate- no installation required
  • Reporting anywhere - no installation required
  • Do not run after information, information will run after you via advanced techniques such as Alerts and wireless.
  • Its capability to merge with existing infrastructure.
  • Rich functionality.
  • Integration into legacy systems.

In order to understand how WorkTrace works we must consider several levels.

  • Bar-codes
  • Data capture
  • Volumes planning and analyses
  • Quality control
  • Track and Trace
  • Bar-codes and mail documentation

Receptacle Bar-code

WorkTrace generates 39 characters barcode with any printer equipped with Windows 98 or NT drivers and provides international mail documents(CN31,CN33, CP..) for different mail products. Data capture Information can be entered into the system in several ways. Use WorkTrace Internet screens to enter items, receptacles, items into receptacles, dispatches… WorkTrace can receive in-house flat files WorkTrace can receive in-house XML files WorkTrace can receive EDIFACT files. WorkTrace can generate events automaticallyWhen items are included in receptacles WorkTrace can generate Emsevt EMC event.As receptacles with items included are scanned, WorkTrace can generate EMD event. All functionality of WorkTrace The User enjoys all WorkTrace functionality :
  • Volume planning and analyses
  • Multi-segment quality control
  • Trace & track of items, receptacles, dispatches, consignments and transport
Integration with legacy systems WorkTrace gracefully integrates with legacy systems. You can start by rapidly adding only international EDIFACT links to your current infrastructure. All you have to do is to exchange with WorkTrace simple flat-files. WorkTrace will do the rest. It will translate flat files into EDIFACT, link to the International Value added network, store messages exchanged in a database. Of course at any moment incrementally you can add rich WorkTrace functionality such as volumes planning and analyses, quality control etc. Detailed information on WorkTrace International Mail sytem