EDI Messaging Gateway

The WorkTrace EDI Gateway

A flexible, scalable Gateway solution that is based on open modular and standard technologies, WorkTrace gracefully integrates with legacy systems. You can start by rapidly adding only international EDIFACT links to your current infrastructure. All you have to do is to exchange simple flat-files or XML with WorkTrace. WorkTrace will do the rest. It will translate flat files or XML into EDIFACT, link to the International Value added network and store messages exchanged in a database. WorkTrace EDI Gateway integrates cross systems within organizations or between them via message brokering. WorkTrace sends messages (EDIFACT or XML) onto international networks and accepts and processes inbound messages.


WorkTrace Gateway provides tremendous flexibility for system integration. Whether the interfacing is intra or inter organisational, to Postal operators, carriers, customs authorities or customers, WorkTrace offering is robust and performant. Interfaces can be supplied to: postal in-house systems via flat-file, EDIFACT messages, XML messages. Into the GXS network for exchange of standard postal messages via FTP

  • to transporters
  • to customs authorities
  • to private operators such as FedEx, UPS, DHL
  • to your own clients.
  • imports information from a variety of other sources Customisation for proprietary and non-standard data formats is offered. WorkTrace provides for flexible integration via its powerful Integration tool. It allows messages to be filtered, transformed and routed to selected repositories, local or on other machines, and is driven by user-defined tables. Services of Gateway Message routing Message validation Message Storage Message transformation (XML to XML) Message translation (EDI to XML and visa versa) Message translation (EDI to FlatFiles and visa versa) Message forwarding to GXS Partner relationship definition Message processing and data loading

Powerful and Easy System Management

Worktrace provides tools for remote system administration. System and User Administration menus are available through a web browser. A dashboard simplifies data base monitoring: database metrics are listed with indicators to highlight if maintenance actions are required. Logs of all processes involved in the smooth functioning are accessible through user-friendly menus. System configuration tables can be viewed and maintained through web screens. The system can be configured to send an alert message e.g.if a process stops. Although WorkTrace already monitors a rich set of processes, it is designed to incorporate customer’s processes.

Message Management

WorkTrace provides. powerful tools to allow visibility and control of message flows using only a Web Browser: Detailed reports on messages exchanged Tracing of messages through technical processes Alerting to operators if a message processing stops via e-mail or sms View the raw message data through your browser Gain control of your messaging system Easy to use query screens