Claims Management

WorkTrace Claims Management module streamlines customer support and integrates seamlessly with operational tracking systems. It can be customised for any specific customer support needs. For Postal operators it allows the management of both international reclamations and national ones. In the case of international reclamations, our base system provides data capture of all standard data. However our web-forms can be customized for local needs and of course, are completely multi-lingual. The Slovak Post has been using the module operationally for some time already as has Lithuanian Post.

WorkTrace Reclamations module covers the requirements stipulated by the UPU in information collection and forms production (e.g. CN08) but also allows you to customize the system to collect additional information. Since local regulators often require that other information is collected, the module can be customized by your own staff to produce on-line input forms that will satisfy both UPU and local needs. The module is seamlessly integrated with WorkTrace Track and Trace which makes the reclamations process more streamlined. It can be set-up to send reclamations electronically with any Postal administration that is capable of handling them in this manner.

A reclamation is a transaction involving much form-filling. This onerous task is made lighter with a set of on-line electronic forms which can be completed individually. The system highlights for you which forms are yet to be completed. With WorkTrace the form filling can be shared by staff in multiple locations. A form can be filled a bit at a time, all data is saved, again helping ease of use. Look-ups and drop-down lists are provided to make data entry easier. Paper documents connected to the reclamation can be scanned and attached to the relevant reclamation electronically. It is a true electronic dossier of the claim, drawing all relevant sources together in a convenient accessible manner.

The system can be configured to alert you if a target date for a claim closure is approaching. Reports can show the status of claims, their creator and their urgency. It is designed to meet requirements of the relevant European Standard EN 14012 : 2003 - Services postaux - Qualité de service - Mesure des réclamations et procédures de réparation acts as an impetus for Postal administrations to implement a claims management system.. Each state adopts the standard so e.g in Lithuania it becomes LT EN 14012: 2003 and in the UK is it is BS EN 14012:2003. This was created by the Technical committee of the European committee on standards CEN/TC 331 Postal services, WG1 on Quality of service.

Above are some sample screens from the claims management system in Slovenian Post.